Hi everybody. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your stay.
First let me tell you a little about this site. I've been thinking that I should learn how web pages work and I've been asked by a friend if I could help out with a site for a business that she runs. I thought that the best way to combine both things into one was to start setting up my own site so I could learn to read, interpret, and write html code. So I purchased a domain, set up a couple of sub-domains for me and my daughter Danielle, and now I get to start setting mine up. I encourage everybody to stop by on occasion and see how things are going. I know that there are things that you would do different, there are things that I will do different as I learn. You will see things appear, move around, change, and disappear. Hopefully you will see things get better as time goes on. And now, let the fun begin.

Hi Dad, I have 2 new pictures up of the outside front of the house.

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DeChene Family Reunion 2008
DeChene Family Reunion 2009


This is the view of China Lake from Sunset Pines, home of the 2009 DeChene family reunion


Me with my Triumph
Mike with his Harley
Dad with his Harley




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